Central Colourbration Show


  • Entries Close: 22nd October 2021
  • Deliver Fleeces by: 22nd October 2021
  • Deliver Fleeces to: CR Colourbration Show- Fleece

    C/o Bob Phillips, 153 Halcombe Road, RD 5, Feilding 4775. 

  • Fleece Judging: 5th November 2021
  • Breed Judging: 6th November 2021

Type of Show

This is a full fleece show with a Age Champion Schedule



Diane Marks – Breed & Fleece

General Information

Health and Safety Issues:
All vehicles, trailers, caravans and floats requiring power must have a Warrant of Electrical Fitness that meets legislation standard AS/NZS 3001
• Any and all electrical equipment must either be certified or “tested and tagged”…this includes extension cables. Standard AS/NZS3760 applies
• We would prefer dogs are not bought onsite but we know that will be hard, so we want at least all dogs held on a leash at ALL times or tethered in one location….they become a risk and potential hazard when running or roaming free and there are areas on our property they are NOT allowed…the race circuit and its Pits are areas dogs are not permitted and we have had to remove dogs from both these areas during equine events because they have been allowed to roam.
• Anyone bringing in or being in charge of the use of any motorised bike, two, three of four wheeled must be trained in their use and must wear a helmet at ALL times when using them. This might sound over the top but as they are on our property they must prove they are capable of riding them, which means they must have undertaken some training and hold certification to do so.
• Quad bikes are not to be used to carry passengers…EVER
• No-one under the age of 16 is permitted to ride a quad bike
• No-one is to ride/stand/sit on the back of a moving towed trailer or on the back of a utility
• Anyone now wanting to use our Water Truck must hold at least no.2 licence endorsement on their drivers licence…Lowest HT rating.
• All competitors must comply with the rules of their respective sport as it pertains to safety…i.e. wearing helmets while riding

Sponsorship Information

 Advertising and Sponsorship Packages


c/o Stephanie Shirnack

                                                                                1415 Waughs Road


                                                                                Feilding 4775