The Association

The Alpaca Association New Zealand (AANZ) provides its members with support information about alpacas, alpaca fibre and alpaca farming.

AANZ was formed in 2001 from ALANZ (Alpaca and Llama Association) when the diverging paths of alpaca and llama called for individual breed societies. There are now over 850 members and 26,000 registered alpaca in New Zealand. The alpaca industry is enjoying healthy sustainable growth and delivering many different aspects to different people within the alpaca community; from lifestyle and investment options to alpaca related events, and fibre products.

The current membership is spread throughout New Zealand and includes farmers, lifestyle block owners and city folk looking for an alternative lifestyle. The rare and absolutely adorable alpaca has captured the hearts of thousands of New Zealanders ensuring a healthy and vibrant organisation.
The AANZ offers all new breeders and parties associated with the industry, a cordial invitation to join our organisation.

National Council

The National Council is elected by the members and has the overall governance responsibility under the AANZ's Constitution.  Terms of office are 2 years with 4 positions open for election one year and the other 4 the consecutive year.  Voting is held annually and results are announced in June of earch year at the Annual General Meeting. 

List of National Council officers are listed below:

  • President – Bob Phillips  email 
  • Vice President – Kees Rietveld  email
  • Secretary – Cheryl Hunter email
  • Treasurer – Jakki Guilford  email
  • Northern Region Rep – Bruce Taplin email
  • Central Region Rep – Cheryl Wheatley email
  • Southern Region Rep – Kevin Burgess email

Regional Committees

The AANZ is divided into 3 geographical areas each with a regional committee to represent the needs of regional members and to provide more localised events and support.  The three regions are:

Sub-Committees/Working Groups

The AANZ has several groups dedicated to key areas of the Alpaca industry.  These groups are tasked with focusing on initiatives and providing key inputs, suggestions and tools for our members.  

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