International Alpaca Registry (IAR)

The New Zealand Alpaca Association owns a pedigree register.  This register is held at the Agricultural Business Research Institute (ABRI).  The IAR is open to public searches however you must be a full financial member of the Alpaca Association NZ to carry out transactions. 

The AANZ is responsible for maintaining the pedigree register in which all of New Zealand’s pedigree alpacas are recorded. This is called the International Alpaca Registry or the IAR (NZ). This database holds information about the date of birth, color, alpaca type (Suri or Huacaya), parents and earlier generations of ancestors and progeny (the offspring from the listed alpaca). The Registry also shows you who bred the particular alpaca and who owns it now. The online search facility allows users to carry out research into all these criteria and assists in making breeding decisions and stock selection. 

With recent advances in DNA testing and parent verification New Zealand alpaca owners can have their stock tested to prove without doubt that they come from the parents they are said to have come from. All of the alpacas that have been Parent Verified are displayed on the registry alongside our DNA symbol and this acts as a strong signal that the integrity of the IAR (NZ) is of great importance to the AANZ. In years to come the registry is expected to display large numbers of registered stock that show the DNA parent verified logo through many generations.

There are strict rules and regulations that govern which alpacas can be listed in the registry and the maintenance of the registry is carried out by a world renowned database company in Australia called ABRI. 

Having a registered alpaca on the IAR(NZ) confers a level of confidence to owners, breeders and prospective purchasers from around the world. 

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