Alpaca meat is very low in fat, high in protein and iron, and is believed to have the lowest cholesterol level of any meat.  It is lean, tender and almost sweet - a mild tasting meat that will take on the flavours of whatever it is mixed with, with no fatty after taste.  

We have a great affection for our alpacas. They are intelligent, easy to manage and have a light environmental footprint. We farm alpacas because we like them or we wouldn’t be doing it. But at the end of the day, they are animals and we are farmers and farmers are in business to profit from their farming activities.
One aspect of alpaca farming that has great potential is alpaca meat.

The natural order is that animals and plants yield more than they need to reproduce themselves; there is redundancy built into the system to ensure its survival.  For example, too much grass grows in spring and summer so we cut and store it as hay or silage in order to have sufficient feed in the winter. Farmers are people who manage the surplus production of plants and animals to make a living.

Alpacas are fundamentally no different in this respect from any other farm animal. They are intelligent. They are beautiful animals. But their over-production of fibre and offspring is what enables us to make an income from them.

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