Breeding & Genetics

Genes are the building blocks of every living thing. Genetics is the science of what makes up an individual lifeform and how traits are passed down from generation to generation.

What it comes down to is that genetic study is a huge and imprecise science. Indeed genetics is not a science of prediction of the specific, but rather a science of the prediction of the range of possibilities. Even when genetic makeup is far better understood than it is now, it will be great at predicting the average and range of an attribute across the next 100 crias, but not what the next one will be.

As alpaca breeders we have much to gain by understanding the genetic make up of our animals. By selecting for the most favourable gene combinations and conversely eliminating the worst ones, we can influence nature’s natural gene “jiggling” to bias towards a more positive and required outcome. Not genetic engineering, but certainly more than natural selection!

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