Effective Date 9th February 2021

This protocol has been developed to align with the OSPRI Tb testing protocol for Cattle, using the OSPRI Tb Disease Control Areas. (click here to see the OSPRI TB Disease Control Area Map)

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The above protocol applies to the situations below as a minimum requirement:

  • Alpacas entered and attending A&P and AANZ run shows.

  • Breeders involved in exporting alpacas overseas where a veterinarian declaration is required for confirming that farms supplying export animals have been free of Tb during the 3 years prior to alpacas being exported.

  • Movement of alpacas between alpaca farms that require Tb free status for the above situations. Therefore, if agisting females or stud males from another farm, confirmation of a whole herd Tb test would be required by both the breeder agisting these animals and the breeder bringing these alpacas for agistment. This would include males carrying out short term mobile matings with females from another breeder.


From July 2021 the Alpaca Association New Zealand are centralising the recording and monitoring of the Voluntary AANZ TB Testing Scheme.

This centralised database will allow the AANZ to support members and convenors with their certificate renewals, and ensure the benefits of the new protocol are correctly applied to members.

All members are asked to send their latest Tb certificate to - where they will be recorded, dates check, and extended in line with the OSPRI TB Free Current Control Areas Map. All extended certificates will be stamped with the official AANZ extension stamp with the new expiry date recorded. 

This new process is part of the new AANZ Voluntary TB Testing Scheme Protocol and will be a requirement for all exhibitors to have their current TB Certificate registered with the Centralised TB Certificate Database, prior to attending shows - from July 2021 onwards. 

Convenors will then refer their exhibitor list to the SJSC be checked against the database, removing the need for exhibitors to include their TB Certificate with every show entry.

The SJSC have the primary responsibility for maintaining this database, and will be supported by the admin team. 


TB Testing Alpacas - For Veterinarians

The following information has been prepared by Ben Davidson, Rangiora Vets - as a guide for veterinarians undertaking TB testing of Alpacas in New Zealand as part of Alpaca Association New Zealand's voluntary TB testing scheme.










For instruction on how to TB test alpacas please view this video produced by Ben Davidson, Rangiora Vets

To download the current AANZ Approved TB Testing Receipt please click here