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Alpaca Registry

Prospective buyers are encouraged to purchase registered alpacas.  


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Upcoming events

Egmont 21st November 2020

Levin 22nd January 2021

Rotorua 30th January 2021


Everything alpaca for sale...check out our market place for the purchase of animals, fibre and alpaca products.

Industry News

Sadly, due to Covid restrictions the Northern Region Colourbration, the Waikato, Ellesmere and Rangiora Alpaca shows have all been cancelled for 2020. 

Say NO to Maggo Alpaca Fly-strike

If you don't like Merino Wool, try Alpaca instead 

Here is the reason we don't have to wash our alpaca socks every day... the secret is out! 

How Llamas can help us live longer

Find a list of shearers - click here

Free Alpaca Guide

Focus_Cover_2016_LowRes.jpg Contact the National Office for a free introductory pack